Alexa utility site and how you register the

22 ديسمبر , 2015 بواسطة :
alexa company was founded in 1996 and is a subsidiary of Amazon famous which evaluates sites by number of visitors to the site .. so from visitors to display top be in the top ranking when Alexa and ranked become the best and Bacon order of 1 to respectively 20 million almost .. and you start real competition when Bsubh ranking less than 100 000 .. then surely come to you visitors and high numbers are updated visitor numbers have Alexa to your site every 3 months an average ratio after taking into account the number of visitors and the number of page views on a daily basis
Alexa of the largest and most reliable sites on the Internet that allows a number of important and useful services for your website which improves its ranking among other sites worldwide on the Internet and over to see him search engines and thus increase in visitors to your site daily .
Is a special site determine the rank of each site in the world and this rank depends on the number of visitors who enter the site daily
The higher the rank of the site is low in Alexa This means that many visitors to the site come to him and the higher the rank Vmalk means the opposite
For example, the first site currently is Facebook then followed by Google in Altanah Rank then YouTube in Altalth grade and so on
Malk because these sites get daily Mlaeyen Visitors


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